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  • About Image Prescription

    Committed to bringing out your best, online

    Image Prescription was created out of a desire to help people over 40 connect socially and present their best selves online. If you feel left behind by social media technology, feel overwhelmed by how and where to involve yourself online, or feel uncertain how best to present yourself on social media, Image Prescription was created for you. We understand how you feel, because we were there ourselves.


    Throughout Image Prescription's three-step process you will be guided with care and attention by someone your age, who understands where you are and is 100% supportive of helping you get where you want to be.


    We know that meeting people after 40 has unique challenges, and as technology non-natives ourselves, we know what it's like to feel unconfident navigating the social space. We work with you personally, one on one, to clarify what you want and then articulate that online. We show you how to maximize your impact and time on social media, how to meet desirable people, and how to involve your passions to attract like-minded people to you.


    We offer three plans to help you step into your best life.

  • Our Process

    Three plans, three approaches


    Online dating guidance & support

    We meet you where you are: frustrated that online dating

    isn't working for you, or so overwhelmed by the whole process you don't know where

    to start.

    • Transformation Profile Report gets to core of what you have to offer and where you should focus
    • 30 minute phone call to review report results and select the best dating site for your specific needs
    • Detailed how-to guide on setting up your profile on the selected site, along with success tips for that site
    Subsequent months (subscription service):
    • Access to private Facebook group where the community can share successes, ask advice from others in the same situation, and support each other
    • Unlimited email access to me for support and questions
    • Monthly 30-minute phone check-ins to see how you're doing and support your efforts
    • Monthly Image Rx newsletter with the latest dating site updates, tips, what's working, what's not
    First month: $49
    Subsequent months: $79



    ​Online dating profile mastery

    You're committed to the process and are ready to dive into online dating with élan.

    • In-depth questionnaire to gain insight and clarity on the approach to online dating that will play to your natural abilities and personality
    • 90 minute phone consult to dive into your wants, needs, and goals for online dating
    • Review of dating sites to select the best one for your specific needs
    • Creation of magnetic dating profile that captures your best, most unique qualities and attracts the attention you want
    • Photo curation and selection for maximum visual impact
    • Selection of user name and tagline that set the stage for connection
    • Tutorial on how to play to your strengths and engage potential connections through creative subject lines and emails
    • Review your existing dating profiles (if any) for feedback on what's working and what isn't
    • Uncover other ways of enhancing your life via online connections
    • 3 months free of the Image Rx subscription service (described to the left)
    Price: $500



    Social media image recharge

    You want to present a consistent, vibrant image across social media and need guidance and help.

    • In-depth questionnaire to define your personal and professional goals, and uncover your passions
    • 90 minute phone consult to determine which three social media platforms would be most effective for you and articulate how you want to be seen online
    • Full profile set-up of the 3 chosen social sites, including privacy settings and guided instruction on how to navigate and get the most out of each of your chosen social sites
    • Review and reboot of your existing social media profiles, as needed
    • Photo curation for maximum visual impact, including selection and creation of header and cover images to provide consistent personal branding
    • Rules of engagement overview for each site you use, who to follow, how to connect
    • Monthly 30 minute phone check-in for three months for you to get your questions answered
    • Unlimited email access for three months
    Price: $500
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